FOR KIDS audio

1. songs, stories, games, get writing... (very good page)2. learn to read (good page)
3. Some songs, animations, stories, musical games, mazes ... for little kids (good page with lots of activities)
4. Lots of stuff for kids (games, music, movies, jokes, studying...)(good page with lots of activities)
5. some educational games
6. national geographic for kids (very good)
7. history for kids
8. stories, games, activities…
9. activities
10. games
11. games from the BBC (for Dani and Sergio)
12. exercises to print
13.If you are more than eight
14. primary resources
15. some fun games (for Dani, Sergio, English, no audio)
16. your school online
17. games, activities, lesson plans…
18. tales
19. English zone (for English, level 1)
20. Phonics zone (for Sergio)
21. Learning games (for Sergio)
22. English word games (for Dani)
23. matching words
24. English club games
25. hello words
26. genki
27. free english games (Necesitareis estos datos: Login: Password: qlaeuvex)
28. Schools in the BBC (for Dani)
29. Many games (Dani and Sergio)
30. Sesame street

hangman parts of the body body 1 body 2 the body 3 body 4 (different levels) the body (crossword puzzle)